Proliferation of alternative news on digital platforms has led to a fact-based renaissance for some traditional media, the extension of populism across the region is posing a new challenge, with recent research showing that a growing proportion of citizens distrust mainstream news reporting on key political and economic issues.
Meanwhile, business models are changing rapidly, with print and television forced to compete ever more intensively with social media and other digital sources — both established platforms and new start-ups – with significant implications for advertisers and audiences.

Africa’s rich and varied media industry is at a crossroads, fighting harder than ever for an audience amid threats from political extremism, fake news, digital giants and innovative start-ups.
Changes in advertising and the emergence of a digital duopoly in Facebook and Google have hit print publishers, with ad rates slumping more than 20 per cent a year. But reader interest is increasing, with some traditional media groups recording big gains in subscribers. Television news, too, is in flux, roaring back to prominence thanks to a rapidly evolving political story and the roller coaster world.

MONEY LINE NETWORK is proud to announce the organisation of a special event at the Kigali Marriot Hotel Kigali Rwanda, on 22nd August 2019, with the theme “Africa Through it own lens; Telling the truth and true picture in our continent”. In this curated one-day event, the Money Line will consider the outlook of the media with top executives, editors, academics and business leaders, looking ahead to opportunities and threats, and the implications for advertisers, audiences and investors.

Where does the news industry go next? How can print, television and advertising fight back? Which segments are best prepared for growth? And what role should governments play in overseeing the media, given the impact of fake news, while also protecting against market dominance? How can independent media remain viable in countries that become hostile, or even dangerous, for journalists?
Building on the success of the introductory event, Money Line Network will gather top media executives, editors, academics and business leaders from across the region to discuss the opportunities for growth in an increasingly disruptive technological, political and social landscape.

  • Hear insights from owners/editors of traditional media on how they are dealing with digital disruption.
  • Network with peers and current and potential clients/partners/targets.
  • Hear insights from new media on how they are challenging the establishment.
  • Hear insights from advertisers on how they are changing their models to adapt to the new media landscape.
  • Meet leading journalists and other publications.

Money Line Network has a reputation for delivering very senior board level audiences to attend a wide range of world-class thought-leadership events across the globe for nearly 4 years.
The Africa Media Summit, will be attended by C-Suite executives from:

  • Traditional and new media companies
  • Technology platforms
  • Software/hardware companies
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • PR and advertising agencies
  • Executive Directors and Chairpersons
  • Senior management
  • Management teams
  • In-house experts, editors, authors and academics
  • Analysts, consultants and independent experts
  • Media spokespeople
  • Press officers, marketing and communications professionals
Job Titles Include:
  • Board Director
  • CEO
  • Chairman
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Content Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Managing Editor