Money Line – Nigeria Trade and investment Summit (ML-NTI)


The Money Line – Nigeria Trade and investment Summit (ML-NTI) will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th July 2019. 

On Wednesday 24th July 2019, The President, Federal Republic Of Nigeria will host the ML – NTI Business Summit under the theme “Nigeria Next Level Economy: Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth by enhancing the role of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”.
The Business Summit aims at attracting more than 500 high-level participants of the business community, financial institutions and policy makers from across Nigeria and Africa. The meeting will take place at The Conference Center (Area 11, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, Abuja).
1. Background
The Nigerian Government committed to develop an ambitious and comprehensive partnership for Business. Both The Government and Business Owners have a genuine interest in increasing trade, investment and market integration through mutually beneficial relations.
Government Private Partnership has been on at various regional levels for several decades, to which AIT Money Line has largely contributed in different matters (from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises development to education, health, climate change, governance, amongst other), in order to tackle poverty and increase economic and social well-being. Programmes such as Money Line with Nancy have developed ties amongst the different partners from both EU and ECOWAS countries, and enabled investment, in order to reduce poverty and increase sustainable growth. A political will needs to be shown by Government to increase the engagement of the private sector in the achievement of these objectives.
Private sector has a key role in enhancing sustainable development and sustainable growth and creating quality jobs at a global level, this Money Line on AIT is seriously passionate about.
A common challenge for both Government Agencies and the Private sector remains to consolidate sustainable and inclusive economic growth, create jobs, improve the business climate and the internationalization of companies, in particular SMEs.
Building on the recommendations of the Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) for 2017-2020, the 2019 ML – NTI Business Summit is an opportunity to build momentum and to enable Nigerian entrepreneurs and industry representatives and their Government counterparts to work together towards further investing in the industrialization of their economies, promoting job creation, in particular for the youth, skills development, tertiary and technical education and spurring innovation and economic growth. The 2019 ML – NTI Business Summit is also a unique opportunity to bring together Nigeria political and business leaders, companies, investors and financial institutions interested in deepening cooperation on business, investment and innovation.
2. Business Summit Format
2.1. Opening Session
The opening session will feature welcome speeches by Okechukwu Enelamah, Nigeria’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment. Mr. Akinola Olawore, The Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, The high profile of speakers at this opening session will be a clear signal to participants of the importance given by both the Government and Private Sector to the Business Summit and their willingness to engage the private sector in mutually beneficial enhanced cooperation. The Business Summit may indeed contribute to making concrete proposals including innovative solutions to enhance such cooperation. The speakers are expected to convey the vision that the AU and Nigeria are proactively seeking to engage the private sector, and in particular SMEs, as a key element to pursue sustainable and inclusive development objectives in Latin America.

Then, Agbogidi Chukwumalieze, The Obi of Onicha Ugbo, and Nancy Illoh, Anchor/Executive Producer,MoneyLine with Nancy on AIT will set the scene for the discussions and deliberations.
2.2. Morning Plenary Session
Godwin Emefiele, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will open the plenary session.
The plenary session will allow influential Nigeria’s political and business leaders to debate general issues of importance to develop Nigeria business relationships, focusing on specific issues of interest to the business community and would-be investors. Key-note speakers will attract the interest of the business community and the press, both in Public and Private Sector: Olukayode Pitan, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer; Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group; Dr. Stella Okoli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited; Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, President of Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI),
The topics considered for the plenary session are the following:
• Business, Trade and Investment Policies and Opportunities. Promising Sectors for Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.
• Access to Finance. Towards a New Partnership between Public and Private Finance Providers.
• Ongoing and forthcoming economic cooperation projects – incorporating Nigeria SMEs in their development.
Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed, Nigerian Minister of Finance and Dr. Zhou Pingjian, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria and Representative to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will conclude the morning plenary session.
2.3. Afternoon Workshops
In order to focus the Business Summit and its recommendations, thematic parallel workshops will be set up according to the interest of the business community. Our aim is to have a private sector representative or business group to lead and steer the debate in each workshop and present recommendations. Each workshop will bring together about 100 participants who will be encouraged to intervene. Observers from the African Commission and the international trade organisations will be allowed to take part.
Regarding access to finance and financial instruments, the experience of the execution of the mechanism enabled by CBN – Investment Facility, and the Micro Bank Loan Facility (OBF) could be shared. And similarly experiences on clusters, where several projects were or are executed with the involvement of the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) or the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF).
The topics suggested for the workshops are the following:
• – SMEs: how to better integrate them in trade and investment opportunities?
• – Sustainable business cooperation.
• – Access to finance and financial instruments.
• – Ongoing and forthcoming cooperation projects – incorporating European SMEs in their development.
2.4. Conclusions
Mr. Daniel Calleja, Director General of Directorate-General for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs; Mr. Michl Ebner, Vice-President of EUROCHAMBRES and Mr. Fernando Frutuoso de Melo, Director General of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development will draw the conclusions of this event together with CELAC representatives and business leaders.

3. Business-to-Business matchmaking event
An ML- NTI Business Summit event will take place in the margins of the World Expo 2015 in Nigeria on Friday 25th July 2019 under the theme “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life”. The specific industrial sectors related to the Expo theme which are targeted for this match-making event are agro-food manufacturing, packaging, bio economy, creative industry, space application to agriculture and environmental management.
4. Advocacy
The Business Summit should be viewed as the ideal place for businesses and their representatives to raise awareness on issues directly related to foster greater Africa investment in Nigeria and enhanced trade relations with the world, investment and business cooperation in West African countries. It should highlight the opportunities to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth for human development in both regions through closer and deeper business relations.
The Business Summit should build on the recommendations of the Nigeria Economic Growth Plan, take stock of achievements and areas where efforts should still be made, define some core elements of the bi-regional economic relationship and build upon these.
It should also provide impetus towards the political deciders meeting at the Political Summit for improvements in policies and actions by the African Union and Nigeria Governments and business deciders.
The submission of Business Summit conclusions to the Heads Businesses and Government is of paramount importance. These conclusions will be complemented by technical reports, which will be prepared, published and disseminated after the Business Summit takes place.
5. Contacts
For information on the Business Summit, contact the Money Line Network event registration desk.